Gas boiler

The Association is required by law to have an annual inspection of all gas appliances owned by ourselves fitted in our properties.

To ensure that all properties have a valid gas safety certificate we arrange all gas services on a 10 monthly cycle.  Our gas contractors James Frew will contact you by post with the date that the gas service has been arranged, if that date isn't suitable please contact James Frew or the Association's office to arrange a more suitable date.  If they fail to gain access on the date arranges they will arrange to further visits to the property.


If James Frew fail to gain access to your property on the third visit to carry out the gas service, we will arrange for your Gas Supply to be capped. If your Gas Meter is located within your home then access will be forced. If we are required to force access then you will be liable for the expense of the forced access along with any associated costs following the forced access.

To avoid any costs being forwarded to yourself please contact us as soon as possible to arrange a suitable appointment.